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In the wake of Scottish Power’s announcement to rise energy cost up to 19 percent on gas and 10 percent on electricity we have seen a significant  increase in our sales of energy monitors and energy saving radiator panels. Normally this is the season when radiator panels slow down because of the warmer weather but we have found that many people are already gearing up for the autumn in light of the energy price increase.  The government investment targets for renewable energy have pushed prices up for the average consumer. The best way to avoid these price hikes is to think about how you use energy around the home and adopt energy saving practises such as monitoring your output with an energy monitor like our  Wattson or fitting radiator panels to help stop heat escaping from the home unnecessarily.

For a bigger investment and saving having a PV solar system installed is the answer and can save hundreds of pounds per year off your electricity bill plus you will receive a FIT payment of 43.3p per every kW hour that you produce from your system for the next 25 years. So don’t get left behind with larger bills to pay get active now before your bank balance takes a hit.

Wattson energy monitor

Energy saving radiator panels

PV solar system

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