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Another great eco invention has just arrived at The Greenstop. We are pleased to announce that we now have the NEW Radfan in store. The Radfan simply sits on top of your own existing radiators and small, quiet built in fans gently blow warm heat from the radiator into the room directing the heat much more efficiently for a cosy feel. You can also use them in conjunction with our HeatKeeper radiator panels for even more effect.

Reasons why you should consider Radfan

Quiet low power fans – Only cost on average £2.00 per year to run

Simple to fit – Magnets secure the Radfan on to the radiator

A fit and forget solution – Automatic thermostat switch

Designed to enhance – A stylish unit that sits neatly and unobtrusively

For more details and price on this product please visit us at The Greenstop UK Ltd

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Yes it’s that time again folks! The longer nights, chilly mornings and it has to be said plenty of the wet stuff too. The UK hasn’t had much of a summer this year and the drawing in of the evenings makes it feel even more shorter than usual. Already we are switching on the lights before eight o’clock and turning on the heating as we head our way into Autumn and before you know it winter… Brrr… Then theres the extra cost too.

The Greenstop also has another indictor that the colder days are staring to roll in and that is the increase in people buying our HeatKeeper Radiator Panels and we have just received the good news that HeatKeeper has now been certified The Energy Savings Trust Recommended 

What this Means is:

The Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo
Only the most energy efficient products carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo, making it a quick and easy way for you to identify products that have met the strictest criteria on energy efficiency. These products will cost you less to run, contribute towards savings on your energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions.

The criteria is set by an independent panel and reviewed annually. In addition, the Energy Saving Trust tests a percentage of products every year, so you can rest assured that where there’s a logo there’s a smarter choice.
When you are purchasing a new product all you need to remember is to look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. For more information visit energysavingtrust.org.uk

The Energy Saving Trust
The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free, impartial advice tailored to help you save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from your home. Call 0800 512 012 for more information or visit energysavingtrust.org.uk


Has an extra treat we have reduced our prices on HeatKeeper Panels but we are only able to do this for a limited time. So why not invest now and not only save money and energy but also stay warmer too. For more details on how Heatkeeper radiator panels work and how easy there are to fit visit our shop at www.thegreenstop.co.uk or watch the YouTube video below.





Watch YouTube HeatKeeper Panel Fitting Instructions

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HeatKeeper panels can save up to 20% on your heating cost by reflecting heat back into the room instead of being lost through the wall. Their specially designed saw tooth structure enables them to increase convection of heat flow from behind your radiators and reflect it back keeping the room warmer and saving energy cost.

And at only a few pounds each and easy fitting (no need to remove any radiators) its the ideal solution for both the home and office. Take a minute to check out HeatKeeper on YouTube and see for yourself just how easy it is>   




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In the wake of Scottish Power’s announcement to rise energy cost up to 19 percent on gas and 10 percent on electricity we have seen a significant  increase in our sales of energy monitors and energy saving radiator panels. Normally this is the season when radiator panels slow down because of the warmer weather but we have found that many people are already gearing up for the autumn in light of the energy price increase.  The government investment targets for renewable energy have pushed prices up for the average consumer. The best way to avoid these price hikes is to think about how you use energy around the home and adopt energy saving practises such as monitoring your output with an energy monitor like our  Wattson or fitting radiator panels to help stop heat escaping from the home unnecessarily.

For a bigger investment and saving having a PV solar system installed is the answer and can save hundreds of pounds per year off your electricity bill plus you will receive a FIT payment of 43.3p per every kW hour that you produce from your system for the next 25 years. So don’t get left behind with larger bills to pay get active now before your bank balance takes a hit.

Wattson energy monitor

Energy saving radiator panels

PV solar system

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