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Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefits of using Soleo Organics over the last few years and we have built up a very loyal following of returning customers who purchase Soleo each year. But for those of you who don’t know It’s 100% organic and suitable for all the family including babies. It is so green it’s not only better for you than other sunscreens it is actually good for the skin as it contains skin loving ingredients such as grapeseed oil, green tea and chamomile amongst others. They is nothing synthetic in Soleo Organics, this means that its really good for people with very sensitive skin and many of our customers won’t use anything else. We have a dermatologist who regularly buys the product and have had very positive comments from customers who say their skin can not tolerate other creams.

It’s superb water resistant properties make it great for use by the pool or seaside or sporting activities like surfing or sailing. It’s also great for sensitive skin conditions and does not cause skin flare-up so we have many customers who use it because it doesn’t make their skin react like many other brands do.

Soleo Organic sunscreen is a must for every suitcase, bathroom cabinet and sports locker. To find out more or make a purchase just visit our site: The Greenstop


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Great news!!! We finally have Vani T Bronzing Custard back in stock after a very long wait.  The delay was due to a packaging problem down in Australia but this has now thankfully been sorted out. Demand for this excellent natural self tanning lotion has been high and we are now very pleased and relieved to be able to offer it from our shop again. We have blogged about Vani T a few times over the years as it is one of our best selling products. If you’ve never heard of it then take a look at some of our other posts like Before and After and Kylie Minogue on Vani T 

We have many customers that return time after time for Vani T Bronzing Custard. It’s natural, it smells good, it’s easy to apply (no streaks), it’s last, it’s doesn’t stain clothing and it looks good!!  Just give it a try, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

For more information on Vani T Custard and other Vani T products please visit our website at The Greenstop UK Ltd 

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The Greenstop has been busy over the last few months asking for your say on our service and products.  We have teamed up with Reviews.co.uk, an independent customer review service which allows all of our customers to have their say and review us. We have had a really positive response since we launched Reviews collection and continue to use it to grow and understand what our customers value mosts.


To see what our customers think about us see our reviews here.





Screenshot 2014-04-29 09.01.20

To see what our customers think about us see our reviews here.

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(These are now out of stock, next available in January 2014)

Just a quick post to say that we now have a limited few Vani T Bronzing Custards in stock. These are very popular and after these few are gone they won’t be available again until end January 2014. So to avoid disappointment order now for that special Christmas party bash!

Order here at The Greenstop UK Ltd


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Just a few of the new items we have been busily adding to our Greenstop range lately. For all of our available Sativa Hemp range please visit our site at: www.thegreenstop.co.uk

SativaNew d10003front S30029_sativa_hemp_khaki_hat_2 sativabrand SS03_SativaBags_dot4 ss03blk&wht1


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Keep cool this summer (and what a summer its turning out to be!) with our selection of summer sizzlers.

Check out our summer hats from Sativa hemp collection. The natural way to keep your head in the shade.

Sativa Hemp

And of course don’t forget out best selling Soleo Organics sun cream for the perfect protection against sun burn.

Soleo Organics sunscreen



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We are now offering Free Delivery on all of our Smashit Cosmetic range. Another good reason to buy our great natural and organic make-up. Kind to your skin as well as your planet 🙂

Buy Smashit Cosmetics at The Greenstop


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