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The Greenstop now provides EPC’s or Energy Performance Certificates for domestic properties around the NorthWest area of UK Mainland. 

 An EPC is an asset rating and tells you how energy efficient a building is and its impact on the environment. Properties are rated on a scale of A-G where an A rating is the most energy efficient.  The England & Wales average for an existing dwelling is D60.   Homes which are rated more highly should have lower impact through their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. The Certificate will also include recommendations on methods by which you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which can save you money and help the environment.


EPCs are legally required for any building that is to be put on the market for sale or for rental purposes irrespective of whether you are selling/renting privately or using an Estate Agent. It is also a requirement for any newly built properties to have an EPC upon completion of the build. It is currently the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that an EPC is available to prospective purchasers and tenants. In addition it is a requirement when you have a Solar Photovoltaic System installed in order to qualify for the Feed in Tariff payments.  In this case your home must reach a grade of at least D or above for payments to be made at the full rate.

An EPC is valid for up to10 years. A property can be marketed immediately once you have commissioned an Energy Performance Certificate.  If an existing EPC is used nearing the end of its legal life (for example, 9 years and 11 months old), it will remain valid for as long as the building is continuously marketed. But if the property is temporarily taken off the market for more than 28 days, a new EPC will be required to replace it if it’s more than 10 years old when you resume marketing. A new EPC supersedes an older one.

On average an EPC assessment takes about 1 hour.  In order to be as accurate as possible it is helpful for you to gather together as much information about your property before the assessor arrives. An example of the sorts of paperwork they will need to see include if they are available, the last 12 months of gas and electricity bills, double glazing and wall cavity guarantees, boiler manuals, any planning permission letters for extensions you may have had done. The assessor will need access to all sides of the property and all rooms within your home as well as the loft. After the visit is complete your EPC will be produced and lodged and a copy sent to you either by email or a hard copy in the post if you 

EPCs can only be undertaken by an Accredited Energy Assessor who is a member of a government approved Accreditation Scheme. Our assessors are fully accredited personnel and  are issued with identity cards. Domestic Energy Assessors completing EPCs on existing dwellings additionally have a Criminal Records Bureau check. If you wish to book a visit simply contact us on 07535 004148 or by email to philtrelease@gmail.com and as we will arrange a mutually convenient time.

The cost of an EPC varies with the size of your property. For dwellings up to an including 4 bedrooms the cost is £45, increasing to £55 for 5 bedrooms.  Larger properties than this are by arrangement.

For more information on our EPC Service please visit our dedicated assessment website at: www.greendealepcnorthwest.co.uk

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