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Just a couple of new arrivals for Christmas 2012. To see all our new products visit us at www.thegreenstop.co.uk



The new Sphynx solar powered 4 LED designer desk lamb. Made partly from Bamboo.



Eton – Rukus, Solar and mains rechargeable bluetooth sound system. This little beauty plays music from bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad etc. Monocrystal solar panel. It also charges USB powered devices. 


See our online store for many more christmas gift ideas. www.thegreenstop.co.uk




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We wanted to let you know that our Hug Rug natural jute door barrier mats are now available from The Greenstop at just £29.99 including delivery. Available in five different colours designed with a light environmental footprint. Jute is a vegetable fibre which is spun into a strong coarse material ideal for durable door mats that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

A beautiful different look with eco friendly properties, looks great in the home without compromising on it’s hard wearing and durability. 

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The Greenstop is so happy to be able to offer our customers the brand new designs from Hug Rug. Made with the environment in mind of course! Hug Rug have produced lots of new gorgeous designs in their barrier mats and rug runners and now also have lovely bathroom and jute mats in their collection. 

We are delighted to be able to offer the complete range of mats and rugs on our website making it easy for you to order at home and receive your rugs right to your front door safely and speedy! 

Visit our shop The Greenstop for details and prices.



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At last we have it!!!! The brand new make up range from Smashit Cosmetics. Smashit are continuing their fantastic organic liquid foundation range but now offer a much wider choice of shades to suit every skin from very fair to very dark tones. The new liquid and powder foundations are now available in 16 different shades each! So there’s a colour to suit everyone.

They also have two great eye shadow pallets, each containing 28 eye colours! A 10 colour Blusher pallet and 4 different concealer pallets all made from organic ingredients. There  is even a new selection of eco friendly brush tools to chose from.

If you haven’t tried Smashit Cosmetics before we offer sample sachets of the liquid foundation (6 shades in a set) at a small cost so that you can try it out for yourself and find your perfect shade. Visit our greenstop shop for more details and prices.

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Here at The Greenstop we go to great lengths to find the best products on the market and Vani T self tanning range is no exception. It’s made from completely organic and natural ingredients, contains no artificial chemicals or parabens, no animal testing, no artificial preservatives,  colours or fragrance and is high in vitamins, natural plant oils and botanicals. It’s a scientific fact that we absorb a significant amount of chemicals that we apply onto our skin and with 1/3 of personal care products containing harmful chemicals such as carcinogenic substances it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to healthier alternatives.

So I decided to strip away the glossy magazine models and the big advertising bill boards and put together a very simple photo shoot of our own before and after. No fancy photography or air brushing techniques, just a simple digital camera, a willing model and a bottle of our best selling Vani T Bronzing Custard. As a regular user of Vani T myself I wanted to show you just how good this stuff is. Because it’s made from natural ingredients it’s kind to the skin and is also a great moisturiser making your skin feel soft and smooth, it even smells nice too!

I applied a small amount of Vani T Bronzing Custard (about the size of a walnut) each day for three days on one forearm but not the other to show the gradual build up of colour and as you can see after only three days a lovely natural looking bronze tan has developed. It’s really easy to apply and you only need a small amount for each application so one bottle goes a long way.  It doesn’t streak or turn orange like a lot of other self tanning lotions can do and it doesn’t wear off on clothes either. I remember once using a particular false tan which turned my whole bathroom orange, suffice to said I didn’t use that one again. I’ve tried many different brands over the years both natural and not so natural and I can honestly say that I will be sticking with Vani T.  It’s natural, it smells nice, feels good and gives a great all over bronze tan, what more could I ask for.

So here goes…….


No no this won’t do, I think these pale limbs need a bit of colour would you agree.

Before application


















Ok this is a bit better, you can already see a dash of colour but I think a little more is needed.

24hr after applying Vani T Bronzing Custard



















Much better don’t you think. After only a couple of days a lovely tan to show off,  but if you want to go darker…

48 hrs after applying Vani T Bronzing Custard




















Just an extra day is needed. Three days of application gives a great bronze tan which will last and you only need to top up every 2-3 days to maintain the colour.

72hrs after applying Vani T Bronzing Custard


















I think thats a success considering my camera skills are not brilliant, please accept my apologies to all those experienced photographers out there.  If you would like to try Vani T Bronzing Custard or Mist for yourself  you can buy it direct from our shop at www.thegreenstop.co.uk or alternatively by phone on 0844 879 3580.

If you have any questions about our Vani T range or any other ranges on our site just drop me a email at wendy@thegreenstop.co.uk or leave a comment on here and I will endeavour to  send a reply asap.

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Cameron Diaz













Elvis & Kresse create beautiful, stylish and fashionable accessories from reclaimed fire hoses that have been decommissioned and otherwise destined for the landfill. A wonderfully strong material that has helped to save lives in the hands of fire fighters is reworked to make ladies and gents bags, belts, wallets and cufflinks that are fit for the cat walk. Worn by Cameron Diaz the actress and Rifka Lodeizen best dutch actress and has also been part of the London fashion show Elvis & Kresse truly is a name of Style and quality.

Elvis & Kresse also donate 50% of profit to charity.

I love wearing my slider belt with casual jeans but I have also worn it with skirts and dresses and it looks great. Quite a few people have stopped me on the train or while i’ve been out to dinner to ask where I got it from, I’ve even taken an order in Costa Coffee!

To see more of our Elvis & Kresse range visit our shop

Kit Bag

Tote Bag

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Picnic throwWe have a brand new range of beautiful woollen throws and rugs at the greenstop.

100% Wool Picnic rugs and throws made for recycled wool.

These traditional woollen rugs and throws are made by Tweedmill Textiles whom are situated on the edge of the Clwydian Mountain Range and are inspired by the colours and serenity of their location. The Tweedmill brand, established over 25 years has become renowned for its Quality, Innovation and Reliability.

Because these rugs have been recycled they are each unique and so vary in colour. If you wish us to send photos of our exact stock colours please email us at: info@thegreenstop.co.uk or call on 0844 879 3580

Wool Rugs

Welsh weave throw

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