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It’s that time of year when lots of us come down with a bad cold. Here are a few things that you can do to help ease the symptoms that are commonly associated with the common cold. We have taken these tips from a reliable source but you should always seek trained medical advise before taking any supplements or medication.

Tip 1: Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking water, juice or herbal teas will help keep you hydrated and your throat moist but avoid drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and cola which will dehydrate you and make your symptoms worse.

Tip 2: Inhale steam to ease congestion. Full a bowl of hot water and sit with your head over the steam, you can also add a couple of drops of menthol oil into the water too.

Tip 3: Blow your nose. Blowing your nose regularly will  get rid of mucus that carries the cold germ, but always blow gently thus avoiding earache.

Tip 4: Use a saline nasal spray or make your own salt water rinse to irrigate your nose: Mix 1/3 teaspoon salt and 1/3 teaspoon baking soda in about 200ml of warm water. Fill a bulb syringe with this mixture (or use a Neti pot, which you can buy at a health food store). Lean your head over a basin and, using the bulb syringe, gently squirt the salt water into your nose. Hold one nostril closed by applying light finger pressure while squirting the salt mixture into the other nostril. Let it drain. Repeat two to three times and then treat the other nostril.

Tip 5: Make sure you get plenty of rest and stay warm. If you have to venture out into the cold wrap up well to avoid getting chilled.

Tip 6: Take a herbal supplement. Natures aid’s EchinEeze is a traditional supplement that is used to ease symptoms of the common cold. You can buy here  at: www.thegreenstop.co.uk priced at £7.65

Tip 7: Gargle with warm salty water. Gargling can help moisten a scratchy throat and bring temporary relief.

Tip 8: Sleep with an extra pillow. Raising  your head slightly may help with congestion.

Tip 9: Dab a small amount of mentholated salve under your nose to open your airways and help make breathing easier.

Tip 10: Avoid alcohol and get a good nights sleep.

A common cold usually only lasts for a week or so. If your symptoms are refusing to go away it’s always best to see your GP to eliminate any under lining cause.

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