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Great news!!! We finally have Vani T Bronzing Custard back in stock after a very long wait.  The delay was due to a packaging problem down in Australia but this has now thankfully been sorted out. Demand for this excellent natural self tanning lotion has been high and we are now very pleased and relieved to be able to offer it from our shop again. We have blogged about Vani T a few times over the years as it is one of our best selling products. If you’ve never heard of it then take a look at some of our other posts like Before and After and Kylie Minogue on Vani T 

We have many customers that return time after time for Vani T Bronzing Custard. It’s natural, it smells good, it’s easy to apply (no streaks), it’s last, it’s doesn’t stain clothing and it looks good!!  Just give it a try, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

For more information on Vani T Custard and other Vani T products please visit our website at The Greenstop UK Ltd 

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(These are now out of stock, next available in January 2014)

Just a quick post to say that we now have a limited few Vani T Bronzing Custards in stock. These are very popular and after these few are gone they won’t be available again until end January 2014. So to avoid disappointment order now for that special Christmas party bash!

Order here at The Greenstop UK Ltd


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The Greenstop is really please to now be able to offer the brand new 1 hour wash and wear tanning mist from Vani T to all our Vani T loving customers. This great new product now allows you to achieve the same great Vani T results in a little as an hour. Perfect for those of you who need a fast tan quickly and flawlessly. So it doesn’t matter if you get that short notice invitation that requires you to look your best! No more excuses that you can’t make the party or can’t wear your favourite dress that show off you legs! 

Vani T has been one of our best sellers now for quite some time and we are really excited about this new product. For more details just visit our site at: www.thegreenstop.co.uk



Take a look at our Before and After photos of our best selling Vani T Bronzing Custard here.

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Vani T has revamped the look of the best selling organic fake tan – Liquid Sun. It now comes in a easy to use spray bottle and is now available at The Greenstop for just £20.49. Along with our Vani T Bronzing Custard  priced at £14.99 and Liquid Loofah also £14.99, Liquid Sun is one of our best selling products and has been for some years. 

Time and time again we have customers who just have to tell us how great this tanning product is and being a user myself I can also vouch for this. Vani T not only gives skin a lovely natural looking bronzed tan it also smoothes and softens skin with its rich organic formula of botanicals. No artificial colours, fragrance and preservatives and it’s not test on animals.

Due to our recent British climate we have been very busy with Vani T orders and most of these are from returning customers who just love the product. So why not give it a try!! It may be the only tan you’ll get in Britain this year!!


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Vani T is gifted to Celebs at this years Oscar awards

We have available at The Greenstop Vani T Bronzing Custard and Vani T Bronzing Mist. 

Vani T Bronzing Custard is a light lotion which gradually develops over a few hours (See our own Vani T Before and After shots) and smells absolutely gorgeous. Vani T Bronzing Mist is an instant tanner for those who can’t wait!!

See onsite to purchase or more details of this divine  organic self tanning system.

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