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It’s that time again for us UK folk to top up our fading holiday tans with the fake stuff and The Greenstop being all eco conscious say what better way to do this than to use Vani T self tanning range. Vani T contains all the good natural ingredients of a superb ¬†tanning lotion/mist without all the harsh chemicals that a lot of high street brands have.¬†

To help make sure you get the best possible result Vani T have just launched a number of tutorial Youtube videos that show exactly how each of their products should be applied. This is great news for The Greenstop as Vani T Bronzing Custard, Vani T Liquid Sun Mist and Vani T Velocity Rapid Spray are amongst our best selling items.  

Check out the videos below or visit our shop for more details and below RRP prices.

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