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There isn’t anything quite like it. The natural qualities of wool have never been able to be synthetically reproduced. The three dimensional properties of wool create millions of air pockets which regulates moisture and temperature just like mother nature intended. Thats why our sheep are perfectly happy in both winter and summer. Wool also provides soothing support where its needed.

Did you know that the average sleeper can expel almost a pint of water in sweat and vapour during an eight hour sleep. Thats a lot of moisture to deal with and wool is far more efficient  than synthetic materials for this. A test conducted at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales—featuring wool versus synthetic fibers—revealed that the heart rate under the wool filled comforter was significantly lower 100% of the time. In addition, the humidity next to the skin was shown to be significantly lower 71% of the time under a wool comforter.This basically means that you will get i much better sleep with bedding/pillows made from wool than any other synthetic manmade fibre. 


Benefits of Naturewarm Wool:


All year round comfort

Wool bedding provides four seasons’ use and comfort, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. On the coldest of nights the air spaces between the wool fibres allow your body heat to circulate next to the body, keeping you warm and cosy. Wool is also highly absorbant, in comparison to synthetic fibres, and so naturally absorbs moisture from our body in hot weather, keeping you cool and dry. It prevents the ‘clammy’ feeling so many complain about when sleeping under a polyester duvet.

A more restful deeper sleep:

Wool’s unique property is that it creates a personal micro-climate for the sleeper, adjusting to the sleeper’s fluctuating temperature. For this reason, a wool-filled duvet is also good for couples whose temperatures vary.



Easy to maintain

Naturewarm duvets and pillows are filled with beautiful British wool: soft and light and suitable for use throughout the year.   They are easy to maintain in good condition by following some simple rules. Although domestic washing machines are not normally large enough, our duvets may be washed at 40ºC.   They should not be dried in a tumble dryer.   Naturewarm duvets may also be professionally dry cleaned, but two hours on the washing line on a dry, sunny day is adequate to keep the products clean and in top condition.


Allergy friendly

Wool is an ideal bedding material for those with asthma and dust-mite allergies.   The wool in Naturewarm bedding is scoured and then shrink proofed, both of which treatments remove the protein which attracts dust-mites.   Dust-mites thrive in humid conditions, so wool’s natural characteristic of drying out quickly also proves hostile to dust-mites: air dries them out and kills them.

Environmentally friendly

Wool is a renewable, natural fibre which is biodegradable, and wool production is more energy efficient than most other fibres. Naturewarm products are made in Great Britain from British wool thus reducing its carbon footprint even more.


Nothing can compare with the lightness of a Naturewarm wool-filled duvet, but don’t think that because it is light it is not warm. A bed that is too warm or too cold can disrupt our sleep, and lack of sleep can lead to a weakened immune system and poor concentration.

Sleeping in wool bedding helps to improve the quality of our sleep by maintaining a steady temperature, which promotes a lower heart rate, resulting in deeper more restful sleep.




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You’ve probably already heard that chemical filled sunscreens are harming coral reef systems around the world. In fact 4,000 – 6,000 tons of sunscreen is washed in to the oceans every year! and this figure is growing. The National Geographic research program 2008 shows that 10% of the worlds coral reef systems are being killed of by sunscreen-induced bleaching. Again this figure is growing, which also means that sea creatures that live and feed on and around the reefs are also threatened. All this because we choose to wear horrible armful chemicals on our skin.

Research also shows that nearly every American citizen has been contaminated with the popular sunscreen chemical; Oxybenzone which has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption and cell damage. This same nasty chemical  is also linked to low birth weight in baby girls who’s mother have been exposed during pregnancy. 

If that isn’t enough to put you off using such sunscreens then what if I tell you that these sunscreens that disrupt the endocrine system can play a significant role in the development of breast cancer too.

Using links: http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/the-trouble-with-sunscreen-chemicals/


But it’s not all doom and gloom because there are a few sunscreens out there which do not contain these chemicals and our favourite of course is Soleo Organics. It’s 100% organic and suitable for all the family including babies. It’s that green it’s not only better for you than other sunscreens it is actually good for the skin as it contains skin loving ingredients such as grapeseed  oil, green tea and chamomile amongst others. They is nothing synthetic in Soleo Organics, this means that its really good for people with very sensitive skin and many of our customers won’t use anything else.

As the UK and European distributer of Soleo Organics we are exited to announce Soleo Organics UK new website: www.soleoorganics.co.uk where you can find more information on this great product including full ingredients and you can also see regular updates on twitter by following: @SoleoOrganicsUK


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