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We are glad to post that we now have stock of the Wattson Solar Plus¬†energy monitor. This latest green gadget can not only record your mains electric usage but can also tell you how much power you are using from you PV solar panels. Therefore giving you a complete report of how much you are using/saving helping you to manage your household usage. Which is today’s climate of high electric cost it means you can save money by highlighting where your wastage is.

The funky and stylist unit glows different colours depending on whether you are using too much mains power (Glows purple/red) or carefully managing to using power being generated by Solar (Glows amber). It’s come with software that is compatible with both the PC and Mac and includes a USB cable to allow you to view historical data and it even comes with a Five Year Warranty . Visit our site The greenstop ¬†for more details or email us at info@thegreenstop.co.uk

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Just a quick post to let our awaiting customers know that we now have the Red and Blue Gingham Wrap’n’Mats back in stock after our Christmas rush.

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