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Here are a few more photographs that I have taken of our new range of Tweedmill sheep wool throws and blankets. Ideal as a christmas gift or to give warmth to your own home this winter.

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Tweedmill’s festive colour pallet includes beautiful wool throw blankets specially chosen for Christmas. A choice of throws to choose from to give your home warmth and luxury this festive season.

Made from the finest wool, Tweedmil offers quality and comfort from a sustainable source and wooven locally in the hills of Wales, UK.

Sizes:    Grey Beehive Pure New Wool 150 x 183 cms

              Red Cobweave Pue New Wool 150 x 200 cms

              Grey Merino wool 150 x 183 cms

               Wheat Wafer Throw 150 x 183 cms

tweedmill throw

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The new radiator Booster 3 is the updated version of it’s predecessor Mk2. You still get the great average saving off your energy bills each year by allowing you to turn down your heating thermostat by 1-3 degrees while still maintaining the same temperature. This can save the average household £140 per year.

Radiator booster 3 new sleek design has a built in regulator which auto switches on and off as needed. When placed on top of you radiator unit Radiator Booster automatically switches on it’s internal fan when a temperature of 30C is reached and by sucking much of the hot air from behind the radiator that would otherwise be lost through the wall it blows it back in the room.  It also help prevent cold spots by gently stirring the warm air around. The Radiator booster helps to heat up the room much faster and switch off the boiler much sooner.

When the radiator temperature drops below 28C Radiator Booster mk3 automatically switches off so theres no need to worry about forgetting about it being left on.

The new improved version has only been around since the beginning of this month and already we have a good demand for them and I think they would also make a good christmas present for someone one hard to buy for!! It’s certainly something different and has added benefits.

The price per booster is 0nly £24.99 here at: The Greenstop

Radiator Booster 3

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