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The Greenstop is now listed on the Green Production Guide which is funded and supported by Disney, Fox, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros. The Green Production Guide features a searchable database of vendors with information about their green products, services, their production experience and what locations they serve. The new site also offers a Carbon Calculator can be downloaded to help producers determine their production’s carbon footprint and the “PGA Green Unified Best Practices” guide, which details best practices for sustainable film and television production. We are please to have been selected to appear on their site as one of their listed vendors.

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Not the most inviting of names but Hairy Growler is far from fierce and menacing as the name suggest,  the company produces beautiful pieces of uniquely recycled antique silverware and old coins and hand sculpts them into exquisite items of jewellery. I was introduced to their work when I received a bracelet for my birthday a couple of years ago from my lovely partner. Each piece is unique and lovingly made and make a great birthday gift for that special someone or an indulgent pleasure for oneself. I’ve posted a few samples of their work on this post but because these are individual pieces you will need to visit their website to see their available items.

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Many of the chemicals in todays sunscreens have minimal toxicological effects when first applied to the skin, however once exposed to sunlight the chemicals are heated by the suns rays which causes reactions between the ingredients and the skin. These reactions can cause  free radicles that can enter the body and cause damage to cells. A few companies list all of their ingredients but a lot don’t. Some only list preservatives in the sunscreen their sell.

Many sunscreen brands claim to be natural and this can be misleading because ‘natural’ can be part of the name of a product and therefore not necessarily a claim. The word organic refers to a product that has had an extremely high level of certification and quality assurance. This mean a lot of work has been done to validate it’s safety.

To find the safest sunscreens, look for products that resemble food ingredients like plant-based oil and green tea. 

This month The GreenParent Magazine tried and tested some of the markets best organic sunscreens and no prizes for guessing that Soleo Organics came up as one of the best top five brands. 








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What a great find……

Brand new to the UK and to The Greenstop, Smashit natural and organic liquid foundation is a must try for all of you that are conscious about the well being of your skin and the environment. With 100% natural and organic ingredients this is a skin loving make-up that has lasting staying power. Natural sun protection ingredients gives it a 7-6 SFP and it’s water in oil base makes this fantastic foundation water resistant too which means high-definition and full coverage ideal for every day use without clogging pores.

I always like to try and test our products at The Greenstop before we make them available to our customers and being a big fan of cosmetics I was really looking forward to trying Smashit liquid foundation for myself. They arrived at the office a few days ago and I eagerly took one home to try, now pushing 40 years old my skin isn’t as youthful as it once was so my make-up needs to have a bit of coverage to hide the blemishes that I have acquired over the years and because I have a busy lifestyle my foundation needs to stay put for the whole day as I don’t have the time to reapply. I’ve been using Smashit – Beige for three days and I have to say that i’m very impressed with the results, I’m extremely fussy when it comes to foundation and have spent lots of money on high end brands over the years but Smashit is exceptionally good and certainly gives the big cosmetic names a run for their money. It covers enough to hide the flaws without being thick and heavy and feels light and fresh on the skin, it’s really easy to apply and quick to blend and gives a lovely clean dewy look to the skin that still looks good at the end of the day.

Smashit is a great find for The Greenstop, happening upon it by chance like one of those rare little gems that only come up every once in awhile. I love it. Now that you have stumbled upon it too why not try it for yourself because i’m sure that you will love it too.

Available in six different skin tones.

We are offering a introductory £5.00 off  the normal RRP price for a very limited period only

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